X-linked reticulate pigmentary disorder

with systemic manifestations
Our stories

Stories of people that deals with XLPDR, that win the battle, that will never give up.

Alex , from Italy. He was born 2008 and his mum, Patrizia, started this website and the Facebook Group.

Tyler (1990) and Spencer (1995) Vansyckle, from Waco (Texas-USA). Tom and Bridget Vansyckle are their parents.

Peter is a young man, born 1984 sick with XLPDR

  • Tom Vansyckle Family   ( 3 Articles )

    Tyler, Spencer, Tom and Bridget

  • Alex   ( 2 Articles )

    Alex is Patrizia's son, born 2008.

    Alex is sick with XLPDR and he's the reason why this website has been built.

  • Pictures   ( 4 Articles )

    Our boys pictures

    Alex Tyler Spencer
    alex-01 tyler-03 spencer-02
  • Esther   ( 1 Article )
  • Peter   ( 1 Article )

    Peter is a young man sick with XLPDR.
    He sent us his story.

  • jesse   ( 1 Article )